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Our team understands the difficulty of online marketing. It was a difficulty we faced ourselves, trying to build our own customer base and grow our success.


But being engineers, we weren't satisfied with just

"dealing with" the status quo.


We engineered a solution.  Not just for us.  For all of us ...

Paladin Logic, Ltd. has partnered with Pleiades Solutions, LLC, to develop and support the Iconic Brewery Management System, the fully integrated business solution developed for craft breweries, craft beverage manufacturers and artisan retailers.

Brewery Management System

Archangel Ops - the iOS app formerly known as iTuple - is a mobile inventory tracking and issuing system and CRM (Accounts, Contacts, and ToDos) access system for PostBooks-based systems including xTuple commercial editions, Iconic, and Archangel ERP. 


Sync Archangel Ops with your PostBooks-based system and enjoy the convenience of having the data you need to run and manage your business right at your fingertips.  The name may have changed, but it is still the original, and best, mobile client for PostBooks-based systems like xTuple.

Archangel ERP - Contact us for more information.