We help small and mid-sized businesses grow.

Modern marketing relies not only on getting the attention of your customers but also getting their permission to address their problems.

Paladin Logic has perfected a tool that helps businesses use the "underutilized traction strategy" known as "engineering as marketing."  Hate cold calling?  (Who doesn't?)  Let us build you a tool that will have your prospects cold calling you!  


Engineering as Marketing

Invest in Your Future

Custom Software Development

We apply state of the art software engineering tools and practices to build the right software … right.  Paladin Logic brings decades of experience to bear to solve your most challenging problems with our expertise in developing applications using the open source PostgreSQL relational database system and cross-platform UIs built using Qt – deployed on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Besides expert development of software solutions, Paladin provides consulting and training in software engineering processes and software security.  A turnkey on-shore software development team – ready when you are.

If you are building your own solutions or having them built for you then how do you know that the correct solution is being built ... or that it is being built correctly?


If you don't have your own software quality team then you trust that the software will be built correctly.  But software is notorious for being difficult to write well.  Increase your peace of mind with Paladin Logic’s SQA or IV&V offering. 


Continuous build and fully automated testing brings your development efforts into the 21st century.  We specify and execute systems, integration, and UAT regimes that run automatically and continuously to ensure as much as possible that your solution will be correct and complete.

Software Qualty Assurance (SQA) and

Independent Verification and Validation